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Patrick C. Sarkisian

(508) 886-6478

Patrick Sarkisian is President of Sarkisian Builders, Inc. and is responsible for handling the overall operation of the company. He is responsible for the hiring of new employees and directing and managing all of the corporation's home improvement projects. In addition, Patrick handles all of the corporation's marketing, advertising and communication initiatives. Patrick has over 30 years of sales, marketing and business development experience as well as extensive product knowledge. His strict attention to detail along with strong team leadership, assures that the client's needs are consistently being met. Patrick is a graduate of Assumption College and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree.

Greg O. Sarkisian

(508) 886-6478

Greg Sarkisian is a Licensed Construction Supervisor and is responsible for managing and coordinating all of the building and remodeling projects from inception to completion. Greg has over 25 years of extensive experience in all aspects of design, building and home improvement construction.

Greg designs and creates the layout of sites and determines the correct sequence of tasks to be performed so as to ensure construction in the most successful manor. He is personally accountable for supervising the entire project in collaboration with the foreman and subcontractors, who are all working under his supervision. This ensures that Sarkisian Builders clients receive the best possible service, while providing solutions to their needs. Greg is a graduate of Utica College of Syracuse University and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree.


Patrick Z. Sarkisian

President, 1962-2020

Patrick Z. Sarkisian thumbnail

Patrick Sarkisian founded the firm in 1962 to focus on building, remodeling and home improvement construction. He insured the corporation had consistent growth since its inception, and is now retired.

Carol A. Sarkisian

Contract Administrator, 1962-2020

Carol A. Sarkisian thumbnail

Carol Sarkisian, instrumental in the company's success and the President's most cherished employee, is now retired.

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